Buying Real Food

One problem I hear from many people is that they can’t afford to eat real food.  My suggestion is to take a close look at what food is in your pantry and fridge.  I bet you can actually make 80% of those food items from scratch and it will cost at least ½ the price.  Start with bread.  I make our bread from scratch in a bread machine.  I spend about $15 on all the ingredients for the bread.  However, except for the yeast and gluten, all of those ingredients are used in other food that I cook.  In the end, I spend about .50 cents on a loaf of bread.

How about anything you have in cans?  You can make chicken broth by using the scraps from a roast chicken.  You can save lots of money on canned soup by making some at home in large batches and freezing it.  It is cheaper to buy dried beans than canned, plus there is not any added salt or preservatives.  It is also cheaper to buy frozen veggies instead of canned.  The best scenario would be to buy veggies fresh, but if that is not an option, go for frozen.

Snacks?  Get rid of microwave popcorn!  It is so much healthier to pop some on the stove with a little bit of oil, plus it taste better also.  Fruit flavored snacks?  Look at the ingredients; you might be surprised to find out that there is not any actual fruit in some of them.  By some dried fruit instead, or fresh is even better.  What about something sweet?  Take a look at the ingredients in some of the cookies and sugary snack.  It is amazing what food companies have added.  Instead, make some fresh cookies at home.  Surprisingly enough, you will use almost the same ingredients that are in the bread except for switching out a few key ones.

In the end, you never know if you can afford it or unless you actually try it.  In my opinion, I think people tend to use money as an excuse.  Just remember, a small step can make a big difference.


2 thoughts on “Buying Real Food

  1. Great post! I have found that cooking real food at home saves my family a ton of money and helps us eat much better. Soups have been the ideal budget-friendly meals…not to mention just throw it in the crock pot and go. We also belong to a neighborhood co-op where we get a huge basket of fruits and veggies every other week for $20….it’s a HUGE value for what we get!

    • Wow, $20 is a great deal! I’m hoping to join a CSA in the spring to help save some money. I’m glad you liked the post, and I can’t wait to try some of your recipes.

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