Real Food Snacks – Ideas for food during the Big Game

Most people haveImage the notion that party food has to be junk food.  That is definitely  not the case.  Although we don’t have big plans for the big game, I do have plans for food to eat during the game.

I’m going to make some Loaded Potatoes Skins based off of this recipe:

I’m going to use coconut oil instead of canola oil, and I’m leaving out the green onions.  I didn’t see the need in spending money on some green onions for just this meal.  Instead, I’m going to add more cheese and bacon, that sounds like a reasonable substitute to me.  Here’s what I bought in order to keep this meal real food friendly.

1 Bag of organic potatoes – these aren’t much more expensive than non-organic

Sour Cream with just cream, milk, and vitamin AImage

* Be careful, the generic brands usually add oil and other additives

Nitrate and additive free bacon

* This type of bacon tends to cost more, but it taste so much better!

The rest of the ingredients are real food friendly.

I’m also going to make some Buffalo Style Chicken Legs.  I bought some organic chicken legs at Kroger and will make this sauce to go with them.

I’m really looking forward to these dishes.  I’m a big potato fan and you can’t go wrong with adding bacon and cheese to most dishes.

My husband likes buffalo style chicken, so that dish is for him.

No matter who wins the game, I have a feeling these dishes will both be winners at our house.  I hope everyone enjoys the game tomorrow and enjoys some real food snacks as well.


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