Taking Inventory – The home cooked meals that are still in the freezer

images-2.jpegIt has now been a little over a month since my first big cook, https://sollmomsrealfood.wordpress.com/2013/01/20/my-first-big-cook/ , and I decided to take inventory of what we ate and what was left.

This past month was the least stressful month for me in the kitchen.  I went to bed knowing what we would have for supper the next night and never had to dread cooking when we would get home from work.  Cleaning the dishes in the evening was easy b/c there weren’t any pots or pans to clean.  I even had energy to work out after supper.  The best part, all of the meals were delicious!

Throughout the past month, we ate the following precooked meals:

2 Turkey Shephard’s Pie

1 chicken enchilada

1 lasagna

1 chicken pot pie

2 gallons of Taco Soup

1 Meat Loaf

We were able to get at least 4 servings out of each meal.  We also used up the precooked turkey meat and green beans.  Along with my frozen meals, we also have some frozen meat from my parents (turkey and barbeque) that we had about once a week with some veggies.

I’m guessing the rest of my freezer meals will last about a month and then my adventures will begin again.  Next weekend, I’m going to precook some meat for this month, and I’ll need to make some new bags of frozen green beans and other veggies.  Other than that,  there isn’t a lot of precooking that I’m going to do this month.

I HIGHLY recommend making at least a few meals ahead of time and then freezing them.  It made a big difference this month.

We’ve decided to keep the Shephard’s Pie and Lasagna but are going to switch out something else for the enchiladas and pot pie.  We enjoyed the other meals, but I don’t want us to get burned out by eating the same foods every month.  Now I just need suggestions on what to cook next.  I would love some suggestions or ideas.


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