Getting stressed, Giving in, and Getting refocused

Stressed-out-catsGetting Stressed: This past week was very stressful (which is really an understatement of what my week really was, but I feel is the appropriate word to use).  I didn’t have the energy or motivation to cook, let alone publish a post.  And, I’m going to be honest, we picked up pizza one night.  I had leftovers and was planning on having them for supper.  However, I left work feeling beat up (much like Garfield) and very upset (again, another understatement) … that last thing I wanted to do was to come home and fix food. I wanted to walk inside, put food on a plate, and eat.

Giving In: So, that’s what happened.

At that point, not only was I still upset about work; I became upset with myself for picking up food and not providing a better meal for my family.  I know I’m not perfect and can’t handle it all.  But it is still upsetting when that realization takes over.

Luckily, I have a husband and 2 kids who enjoy pizza and didn’t mind one bit having a Hot and Ready pizza.  Plus, they like being able to eat as soon as we walked in the door.

Getting Refocused: One thing I have learned though, is that just because you mess up and let something get you down, it doesn’t mean it has to control you.  It doesn’t mean you lost.  It doesn’t mean all your hard work was pointless. It just means you have to get refocused and find a way to get rid of the negativity. For me, it meant spending time with my kids and husband.  There’s nothing more healing than feeling loved and accepted.

So, enough with the pity party.  On with the food.

The week ended on a good note, and I’m looking forward to cooking this weekend.  We got paid on Tuesday, which meant we got to restock on some basics that we depleted during January.  I’m going to cook some ground turkey in the crockpot (5 pounds to be exact), make some meatloaves to freeze, and fix a few bags of green beans to have on nights when we have the meatloaf, and fixing some pizza kits.

I bought some sausage from a coworker who makes and packages it on her farm.  I’m looking forward to finding some new recipes and adding some variety to our meals.

I’m going to post a few a blogs this weekend to make up for my lack of blogging over the week.  I’ll explain how I cook the meat, fix the green beans, and add a new coffee cream that I created (pumpkin spice).

I hope everyone had a better week than me, and has a fantastic weekend – which is what I plan on having.


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