Things I love about real food

I love tovegetable-heart  cook.  There is no doubt about it.  I always have.  But, my  love for cooking has changed ever since I started cooking real, wholesome food for my family.  This has grown significantly and I decided it was time to put it in writing.  So, here is what I love about real food:

I love…

1. the way real food taste.1100035_love_food

2. that my kids know and recognize the smell of fresh bread.

3. that my kids are learning the concept of taking turns when they help me cook.

4. that I can make over a dozen whole wheat muffins that contain no sugar on a Saturday morning and have more than 1/2 of them gone within a few hours.

5. that my sons are learning to enjoy fresh foods.

6. that my pantry is filled with ingredients and not processed meals in boxes.

7. that my kids will eat snacks that do not contain sugar without complaining.

8. that my kids ask for water instead of a sugary drink.

9. that my freezer is filled with food scraps because I know I can find a way to cook with them.

10. when my kids take a bite of a homemade meal and respond with, “Mmmm… Yummy!”

11.  that my kids eat food that is green. And red. And blue. And yellow. And orange.  And none of those colors are artificial.??????????????????????????

12.  when my kids get excited about picking out the organic bananas and want to eat them before we have paid for them.

13. that our organic fruit doesn’t turn brown 5 minutes after being bit into.  It usually take a whole day for the browning to begin.

14. that sometimes I cook something new and it is an “epic fail” because it means that I can learn from it and make something better next time.

15.  that we spend more money on organic produce and organic meat than on any other food.

16.  shopping at the farmer’s market in the summer.

17.  when we sit down for a meal and bless the food, that we are blessing food that is  fairly close to the way God created and intended for us to eat it.

18.  that the food we buy helps support small farmers.

19.  that my kids get excited when they see the mixer out on the counter top.

20.  And last of all, I love that every meal I cook for my family is made from real, wholesome, healthy, non-processed, fresh, and delicious food.

My goal for this post was to explain what I love about cooking real food.  My hope is that by sharing my love of real food, it can encourage you to make some changes in what you eat in order to experience this love as well.   The changes weren’t easy (and some still aren’t) and the love wasn’t immediate.  But in the end, it is all worth it.


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